We all desire to have our work valued, no matter what we do.

Often times, I find that managers have a hard time articulating the value that an employee bring to their team. When we have done the strengths assessment and the team workshop with organizations, we know what energizes each team member. This gives us language that can energize them around what excites them about their work. This gives us opportunity to encourage and support them in a way that is meaningful to each person.

When a person is appreciated, valued, and energized, they are more engaged to do better work. How exciting is this, that just by knowing the other person – by valuing them on what is important to them – that we start to create an environment that leads to better productivity.

Better productivity means a stronger bottom line for our team, and our organization.

It’s interesting that something that should be so simple has such far reaching results.

Steps to recognizing your strengths:

  1. Read through the 24 Strengths.
  2. Quickly check the top 3 that really resonate with you – do it quickly and don’t overthink it (there is no right or wrong answer, there is no better or worse strength).
  3. Think of the times when you have used these top 3 strengths and how you felt. Write it down. Think about how you can use these strengths more often.

The workshop and coaching we do helps you in identifying these strengths and how you can have them show up more in the work you do every day. We help you identify performance risks, and how you can stretch your strengths.

It’s exciting work.

Be your best self, your best team member, your best team leader that you can be.


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